Do you want a head start in finding quality employment as an Instructor? Then become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

As a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor you can begin teaching the PADI core courses as well as the Peak Performance Buoyancy and Project AWARE Specialties. However most instructors want to continue their diving education and increase their earning potential with the ability to teach a variety of PADI Specialties. Also, most quality dive centres will look to employ Instructors who have the MSDT rating and thus can show that they have teaching experience and are able to teach a wider range of courses, potentially bringing in more revenue to the dive shop.

Here at Exotic Dive Resort we offer the Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) Prep Program to get you ready to teach the popular Specialty courses and help you achieve the status of MSDT.

Our MSDT Prep Program is designed to run alongside your post-IDC internship here at Exotic, usually taking place within the first two weeks. You will attend 5 (or more) Specialty Instructor Training Courses offered by our Course Director Ayala Cohen including the corresponding dives.

Many Instructors don’t teach Specialty courses because they don’t promote them. The reason? They are unfamiliar with the course components, skills and theory and don’t feel comfortable teaching them. With our Training Courses you will research the relevant standards and procedures for each specialty course, as well as get to grips with the logistics and practicalities of teaching the course. As a result you will feel more confident about teaching your chosen Specialties and so will be enthusiastic about promoting them.

During your internship you will have the opportunity to team teach a number of PADI courses to build experience of teaching in the real world, and at the same time earn your first valuable student certifications which will count towards your MSDT rating.

We offer Specialty Instructor Training courses in all the popular Specialties, including:

  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Deep
  • Wreck
  • Digital Underwater Photography
  • Night
  • and many more!

Following completion of the Specialty Instructor Training Courses (and your paperwork being processed by PADI) you will be able to teach your chosen Specialties, making you a more attractive option for dive centres looking to employ an Instructor.

And once you have certified your 25th student (in any course) you can then apply direct to PADI for your MSDT rating.

If you are already a PADI Instructor and are looking to expand your knowledge, skills and earning potential then choose our stand-alone MSDT Prep Program:

MSDT Prep Course which includes:

  • 5 PADI Specialty Instructor courses
  • 2 week free internship with the chance to earn valuable student certifications
  • Free wi-fi
  • 10% discount in our restaurant
  • 15% discount in our dive equipment store

Or if you are not already an Instructor, then choose our IDC Gold package as follows:


  • Everything included in the IDC Basic & Silver packages plus the following upgrades:
  • Free 6 dives before IDC – subject to boat space
  • MSDT Prep course including 3 ADDITIONAL Instructor Specialty Training (total of 6 Instructor Specs!)
  • 3 weeks internship “Learn to Teach” (no minimum certs. guaranteed)
  • PADI Open Water Perscriptive Lesson Guides (value over $500!)
  • Compressor Use and Tank Filling seminar
  • Exotic water bottle
  • As per IDC Basic & Silver packages

For more information on our packages and prices contact us at

Why Choose Exotic to do your MSDT Prep Program?
Our Facilities

Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort is the finest hotel as well as the largest and most established dive shop on the island. We boast the following amazing facilities for our IDC Candidates:

  • GoPro Lodge – great value on-site accommodation close to our restaurant, bar and dive shop and secluded beach
  • The largest fleet of dive boats on the island – 4 large outrigger boats, and one small boat plus our speedboat
  • State of the art, air-conditioned classroom with its internet service, dive library and PADI materials for use throughout the MSDT Prep Program.
The Thresher Shark!

Malapascua is reputedly the only place in world where divers can regularly encounter these majestic sharks at recreational diver limits. So by coming to Exotic you can experience something really special.

Unlimited Diving

During your internship you will be able to dive to the famous thresher shark sites for a chance to see these elusive creatures, as well as other great dive spots.

Our tranquil setting

Our beach, away from the crowds and touts, and with its natural shade and hammocks, will ensure that all our candidates can find the necessary peace and quiet required to be able to focus and enjoy the course.

Job Opportunities

If you will be looking for work as an Instructor after your MSDT Program, you couldn’t be better placed. There are many up and coming dive locations in the Philippines and you are always just a cheap flight from the world’s dive hot spots of Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia.


Our help doesn’t end once you pass your IE. We offer ongoing support to all our candidates, wherever they are in the world.

Be aware of cheap imitations! Only a PADI Course Director can teach PADI Specialty Instructor Training courses.

To become a Specialty Instructor in Enriched Air Nitrox and Gas Blender, you must first have the student level. The cost of these student-level courses is not included in the MSDT Prep Program but we can provide these at a greatly reduced rate.

Once you complete the Specialty Instructor Training Course with us and the paperwork is processed by PADI, you will become a Specialty Instructor for those Specialties and will be able to teach them. However you will not attain the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating until all requirements have been met, including 25 student certifications. Once you acquire your student certifications you can apply directly to PADI for the MSDT rating.