November 29, 2011

Diving Testimonials

“Huge thank you for everything! Had such a good time here…. and learned a LOT! Will always remember my 8 weeks as a DMT on Malapascua and I will have a big smile on my face :)”

Susanne Hansson (Sweden)


“I just successfully finished my IDC with Course Director Graham Hogg at Exotic and I had a great time! I must say it was a challenge sometimes: I took my divemaster course quite a while ago so some parts of the theory had faded quite a bit. And then all the new in-water skills we had to master. ..But although there were certain moments where I wasn’t too sure, Graham managed to build up my confidence bit by bit, preparing us not only for the IE, but also (maybe more importantly) for successful careers as PADI Instructors. His patience, clear explanations, all the extra time and effort he put into it and last but not least his confidence in us paid off with a 100% pass rate!!
Another thing that was really nice were the good facilities at Exotic: a new, spacious, light classroom overlooking the beach; Enough boats for us to always be able to go out whenever it suited best; plenty of materials we could use for our presentations etc.etc.
And around Malapascua even on the ‘boring’ training dives there is enough to see: (robust ghost)pipefish, wonderfully colored nudibranches and weird looking scorpion fish came to say hi while we were doing our skills in the sand. All in all a great experience which I would recommend to everyone who is considering doing their IDC!

Erica van Popering (Holland)

“I had a great time doing my divemaster course at Exotic. It’s an amazing setting and very well set up for divemaster training. In particular, the instructors are fantastic and went the extra mile, really helping you get the most out of the course to give the opportunity for a fully rounded experience with some extra surprise twists beyond the usual. It was great to have a wide group of DMTs working together and sharing their experience. Plus, there’s not many places in the world you get to see thresher sharks.”

Stuart Tait

PADI Divemaster

“I didn’t actually know Angel before I arrived for my IDC so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The first thing that was clear was that he knew his stuff and he was there to teach me two things:

– How to pass the IE, and more importantly,

– How to be a good scuba diving instructor

I suspect too many IDC’s are set up for the students to learn how to pass the IE without enough time spent on how to use that knowledge in the real, teaching world once you are done. Angel has ample experience to work out what your individual strengths and weaknesses are and helps make sure that those weaknesses are essentially gone by the time the IE comes around. His teaching is subtly personalized even when you’re in a group.

His professionalism and enthusiasm were apparent for every second of the IDC and he was like an expectant father when we were waiting for our results of the IE. He was more excited and nervous for us (the students) than any of us were. We were in the water so we knew he had prepared us exceptionally well. We knew we had all passed. With the training and preparation he gave us, there was no way we would crack under the pressure”.

Martin Gilliland

PADI Instructor

“Angel and Jo did a really great job with their IDC. Before the IDC I was kind of scared not passing it, but after 2 or 3 days within the IDC, Angel and Jo just blasted away my fears and built up my confidence. Important to say is that they don´t just do their jobs there, they do much more: Rescue scenario repetition, 24 hours of availability and so much real life experience apart from the dry theory. Big up Angel & Jo! Thanks a lot!”

Martin Weisneth

PADI Instructor

“Thank you to Angel and Jo for all the effort and support, for giving me a challenge and never giving up on me and my wish to become an Instructor.

I’m really happy to work at Exotic and to get more experience teaching and putting into practice all that you taught me.”

Alberto “Totong” Dayday

PADI Instructor

“I came to Exotic originally because they offered a dive trip that no one else on the island was running on the day I wanted to go, which was Monad Shoal where I hoped to see a hammer head. I didn’t get to see my hammer head that day, but Exotic sucked me in and kept me on Malapascua for two months. Needless to say, I saw plenty of thresher sharks in that time and even got to see my hammer head eventually!

The dive resort’s commitment to encouraging diving is amazing. I couldn’t resist doing my divemaster there after talking a bit with Course Director Angel Navarro and Master Instructor Jo Armitage, who both run dive operations for the resort. Their passion for diving is infectious and their teaching methods are unparalleled. Learning from those two and the rest of the Exotic crew was such a gift. Visit Malapascua for the sharks, stay for the Exotic dive team. “

Bobbi Lee Hitchon

PADI Divemaster and creator of Heels and Wheels