November 29, 2011

When to Go & Weather


Good season April to May : best visibility , temperature is about 29
Summer June, July august, September : rainy / very good (15-20)
Typhoon season: Oct-Dec – visibility low and temperature
Jan-april : 26 degrees, “cold season”

When to Go & Weather

There are three distinct seasons here in Malapascua: Spring from late February to May, Summer from June to September and Winter (“rainy”) Season starts from October to January. The (“typhoon”) season is mostly from October to end of December. Thresher sharks don’t have a season and can be seen all year round.

During spring the sea is at its calmest. The air temperature can reach 30 degrees +, and the sea temperature averages 29 degrees celsius, although there can be a thermocline at the deeper sites, but our 3mm wetsuits keep us warm. This is one of the busiest times of year for Malapascua so be sure to book well in advance. March and April are the best months to have a chance to spot the hammerhead sharks.

The summer season brings the hot weather. We tend to get rain in the late afternoons and through the night. The waters are warm and the sea life is bountiful and the visibility during this time tends to be the best of the year. However, we recommend to bring long wetsuits as jellyfish comes out during this season. The island is relatively quiet as this is the official low season.

Wintertime brings a slight drop of air temperature, for cooler days and cooler waters. We usually dive with 3mm long wetsuits as the temperatures average 26-27 degrees Celsius. We can get some heavy rain and occasionally rough seas called locally as ‘ocho ocho’. The weather doesn’t discourage our guests as October is the official start of our busy season.

The Christmas season and Easter season are the busiest times on Malapascua, so once again be sure to reserve your holiday well in advance. The only holiday seasons that really affect traveling are Christmas day and the Easter weekend as most public transport stops, including airplanes.