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Malapascua Exotic Island Dive Resort News and Latest Event

First GoPro in Paradise of 2019 is a success in Malapascua!

We have just hosted the first PADI instructor exam of 2019 on 18th-19th Feb in Malapascua and it was a very successful start of the year. All of the candidates have passed and become officially new PADI instructors! Congratulations to all of the hard working IDC candidates, course directors, staff instructors and of course the Read more about First GoPro in Paradise of 2019 is a success in Malapascua![…]

Malapascua Debris Free Thursday Hosted by Exotic

Yes, it’s Thursday again! And now it is Exotic’s turn to host the Debris Free Thursday in Malapascua. We are very happy to see a lot of people showed up: Exotic guests and staff, volunteers from People and the Sea, tourists on the island, local kids, etc. The more the merrier! We split into two Read more about Malapascua Debris Free Thursday Hosted by Exotic[…]

The journey of Yuan to become a PADI divemaster

Big congratulations to Yuan! He is now officially a PADI divemaster after four weeks training! Yuan is living in Kunming, China and his usual diving place is in a high altitude lake nearby–very interesting profile of a Chinese diver! When he first came to Malapascua he was amazed by the marine life, warm seawater and good Read more about The journey of Yuan to become a PADI divemaster[…]

Successful GoPro in Paradise AGAIN!!!

PADI Instructor Examination was very successful on 9th-10th August in Malapascua. Everyone did a great job and all passed to become PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor! Congratulations to our Exotic Island PADI IDC candidates Anne, Jessica, Kelly and Mark! Team Doozy Raptoor did an amazing job during the IDC and passed PADI IE with flying Read more about Successful GoPro in Paradise AGAIN!!![…]

Virgin Mary Statue Installed at Chocolate Island

Virgin Mary Project is created to protect our major dive sites around Malapascua Island. We hope by installing Virgin Mary statues, it will stop illegal fishing since the local fishermen are all Catholic. There are already three statues installed underwater at Monad Shoal, Chocolate Island and Gato Island. Two more to go on land of Read more about Virgin Mary Statue Installed at Chocolate Island[…]

AWARE Week–Mission Exotic Completed!

During the past AWARE week (15th-23rd September 2018), Exotic team has found and retrieved a huge fishing net stuck underwater at Pawikan Hole–one of our local dive sites in Malapascua with beautiful corals. It took two rice sacks to fill and we had to weigh them separately because it was too heavy! The total weight Read more about AWARE Week–Mission Exotic Completed![…]

Exotic AWARE Week 2018 – The Ocean Needs You!

In celebration of the ocean, AWARE Week is taking place from 15th-23rd September 2018! In Exotic we invite all of you–both divers and non-divers–to take action for the ocean: 1. Sign up for AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course (2 Dives) during the week for 10% off! Learn more about the sharks and the danger they Read more about Exotic AWARE Week 2018 – The Ocean Needs You![…]