Beautiful experience in paradise!

Malapascua Drone Shot 1 by Minxi Ye

Malapascua Drone Shot 2 by Minxi Ye

Malapascua Drone Shot 3 by Minxi Ye


It has been very good weather here at Malapascua island and we all enjoyed a busy but great peak season. One of our guests–Minxi Ye–fell in love with this little tropical island as soon as he arrived by our nice white sandy beach. He kicked off his shoes right away and took his drone out for a spin. He was so impressed by the beautiful aerial view sent back from the drone not only of the island, but also the clear water which looks so inviting on a hot day. “What a paradise!” he was amazed and just could not wait to get into the warm tropical water to start his PADI Open Water Diver course.

We spent four full days together and Minxi is now a new certified diver! “Thank you for introducing me to this awesome activity, I feel like I have opened up a gate to another world!” he said so with a big smile before he left. We do hope this experience will make his life a bit different–keep diving!

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