Exotic AWARE Week 2018 – The Ocean Needs You!

In celebration of the ocean, AWARE Week is taking place from 15th-23rd September 2018!

In Exotic we invite all of you–both divers and non-divers–to take action for the ocean:

1. Sign up for AWARE Shark Conservation Specialty Course (2 Dives) during the week for 10% off! Learn more about the sharks and the danger they are facing, also get a chance to dive with the amazing Thresher Sharks and/or Whitecap Reef Sharks with Exotic.

Exotic AWARE Week 2018 – Help Save Sharks!

2. Sign up for projectAWARE Specialty Course during the week for 10% off! Learn more about our ocean and how we can help both as diver and non-diver.

Exotic AWARE Week 2018 – Take Action for the Ocean!

3. Multiple Dive Against Debris events to be organized during the week. Certified divers please follow us and sign up FOR FREE! Let’s do some proper underwater cleanup dives!

Exotic AWARE Week 2018 – Sign Up for a Course!


Together we make a change! We will be waiting for you at Exotic, 15th-23rd September!

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