Malapascua Debris Free Thursday Hosted by Exotic

Yes, it’s Thursday again! And now it is Exotic’s turn to host the Debris Free Thursday in Malapascua. We are very happy to see a lot of people showed up: Exotic guests and staff, volunteers from People and the Sea, tourists on the island, local kids, etc. The more the merrier!

Picking up trash in the back alleys

We split into two groups and went to different part of the island for clean up. Both groups were prepared with rice sacks for garbage segregation: glass, plastic bottles, metal, chemical, residual, etc. We mainly focused on the back alleys and happily found more people joining in on our way!

Jump in and help kids:)

Thanks to all of the effort, we collected 120kg of trash within one hour! Great job everyone and hope to keep this activity for our beautiful Malapascua island.

Group photo at One Up Bar

As tradition, everyone enjoyed a FREE drink together at One Up Bar after we finished sorting out the trash. Nothing tastes better than ice cold drinks after hard work–treat yourself for helping out now!

Free drink everyone!

We also provided some delicious nachos for everybody. After all, you need some good food to go along with the drinks;-P Glad to see all of the nachos gone in 10mins–yum yum!

Nachos! Dig in!

Join us for the next Debris Free Thursday while you are in Malapascua. Together we can make a change!

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