The journey of Yuan to become a PADI divemaster

Big congratulations to Yuan! He is now officially a PADI divemaster after four weeks training! Yuan is living in Kunming, China and his usual diving place is in a high altitude lake nearby–very interesting profile of a Chinese diver! When he first came to Malapascua he was amazed by the marine life, warm seawater and good visibility lol

Cheers Yuan!

Even with the language barrier, Yuan managed to gain the hearts of our staff from day one. He started the divemaster training together with our local boys Tito and Carl. They have been through a lot of tough but fun tasks together like:

Float Test

Swim Tests

Equipment Exchange

Yuan has worked hard assisting different courses. His friendly and kind nature makes the students feel comfortable. They all loved spending time with him in and out of the water!

Having fun with OW student

Yuan’s environmental awareness is also very impressive. He has passed on what he learned in Exotic Thresher Shark Diver specialty course to other divers so they would understand the importance of protecting the sharks. He also likes to jump in for a few underwater cleanup dives and log the data online.

Project AWARE Dive Against Debris

But of course, after all the awesome performance without even one day off, Yuan’s got the final task–the snorkel test!

Yuan’s Divemaster Snorkel Test

Yuan not only finished the snorkel test successfully, but he also had a great party with our staff. Well done and we are so proud of you Yuan!

Divemaster Party

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