Virgin Mary Statue Installed at Chocolate Island

Virgin Mary Project is created to protect our major dive sites around Malapascua Island. We hope by installing Virgin Mary statues, it will stop illegal fishing since the local fishermen are all Catholic. There are already three statues installed underwater at Monad Shoal, Chocolate Island and Gato Island. Two more to go on land of Chocolate Island and Gato Island.

Two Virgin Mary statues to be installed on land

The staff of Exotic, Evolution and TSD has installed one Virgin Mary statue on land at Chocolate Island last week. We planed to get the Virgin Mary statue on a small flat boat then tow it by big boat over to Chocolate Island.

Lifting Virgin Mary statue to flat boat

Virgin Mary on Exotic flat boat

It was a bit rough going over to Chocolate Island but we eventually managed to pull the flat boat close to shore at one of the corners–although our flat boat may need some patches afterwards lol.

Flat boat with Virgin Mary statue at Chocolate Island

All of the staff made great effort trying to move the very heavy Virgin Mary statue step by step over the rocks. We were using bamboo sticks and ropes to tie up the Virgin Mary statue, then lift it together with somebody stabilizing it on the sides. Teamwork and communication was excellent!

Moving Virgin Mary statue into place

Now Virgin Mary is overlooking our beautiful dive site at Chocolate Island. You can have a look yourself next time when you go there. Great job to all of the staff involved and contributed in this project!

Virgin Mary statue on Chocolate Island

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