November 29, 2011

Dive Trips

We offer two popular day trips that are great for all levels of diving. Our days trips usually depart around 9:00 in the morning, which gives our guests enough time to come back from their early dive at Monad shoal and have a nice breakfast. Once arrived at destination, divers will go for one dive, enjoy their lunches during surface interval, then go for a second dive. Packed lunch and barbecue options are available at the resort.

Gato Island

Located about an hour boat ride from Malapascua Exotic, Gato island is a pinnacle that is surrounded by amazing coral. The brightly colored soft corals shelter frogfishes, sea horses, pigmy sea horses, and of course, a wide variety of nudibranchs. But Gato island isn’t only a prime diving spot for macro lovers. With a resident population of white tip reef sharks sleeping in the overhangs, it is almost guaranteed that you will have a shark encounter. It is also a recognized banded sea snake breading ground. The various caves and sloping walls house cuttlefish, squids and schooling of shiny big mouth mackerel. Advanced divers can dive the tunnel that runs beneath the island to discover a unique overhead environment covered with daisy soft corals and sponges. Inside, lobsters, crabs and cleaner shrimps are found, with sharks hiding in smaller alcoves or openly swimming around the entrance.

Calanggaman Island

Famous for its white sand bar, its turquoise water and its wall diving, Calanggaman has it all. The small island, a two-hour boat ride from Malapascua, is the perfect description of paradise. We provide to our guests a great trip including two dives, an optional barbecue on the island and enough time to enjoy the sun, swim in the blue water, or take amazing holiday pictures. The diving starts at the top of the shoal. From 5 to 12 meters, giant barrel sponges and sea fans cover the bottom where turtles are found feeding on the coral. The northern sites offer a spectacular wall that drops to more than two hundred meters. Schools of snapper, fusiliers and anthias can be seen congregating off the wall. The variety of coral supports a big diversity of macro life. The southern section offers sloping reef walls where lionfish, scorpion fish and moray eels like to hide. In the sandy bottom hides the very elusive blue ring octopus.
Our dear guests should note that Calanggaman island being a far away dive site as well as a protected area, extra fees apply.