November 29, 2011

Dive Trips

Your choices are seemingly endless here at Exotic Dive Resort! We have choices of one-dive, two-dive or three-dive boat trips to dive sites that vary from 10 minutes away to 2 hours or more away!

And with the largest fleet of boats and staff on the island, it means that we can cater for groups with different tastes and levels at the same time, ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their dives.

Dive Schedule

Here at Exotic, we don’t have a set dive schedule because where we go on each day is dependent on the conditions as well as the preferences and experience of our divers.

We do have a great variety of dive destinations and times which we are sure will please everyone, and our experienced Divemasters will be able to advise you on suitable dives during your stay.

A typical dive schedule here at Exotic is as follows:

Our usual day starts with a 5.00am dive to Monad Shoal or Kemod Shoal to see the thresher sharks. Yes it’s early but it really is the best time to spot the thresher sharks! The boat gets back at around 8.00am and then we have morning boats leaving at between 8.30am and 10.00am. Some boats go for one dive and are back by lunchtime, others go for a 2-dive trip and are back by 3.00pm to 4.00 pm. We also have one-dive trips in the afternoon too. Then we have our “dusk dive” which leaves at around 5.00pm – the best time to see our mandarin fish as well as other critters such as frogfish and seahorses.

As the largest and most established dive shop on Malapascua we are also happy to offer 3-dive trips or even our dive safaris to remote locations such as Camotes Island and Maripipipi Island, where over the years our dive shop staff have explored and logged the best of these previously un-dived, pristine reefs. These safaris can be pre-arranged or organized a few days in advance at the dive shop.

Highly recommended is a day trip to Calanggaman, and of course a dive or two at Monad Shoal to see the thresher sharks. We have a great wreck, the Doña Marilyn, for those of you who like to wreck dive, which can be penetrated by those Wreck Specialists.