May 30, 2013

Diving Policy

DIVING: As a standard safety procedure at Exotic Dive Resort all divers are required to first complete a check up dive at a local relatively shallow dive site before diving on the deeper and more distant sites that we have to offer. Allowances will be made for specific divers who are experienced and have been diving within the previous weeks; this is the decision of the dive shop manager. As a PADI dive shop we follow all PADI standards, therefore we will not take open water divers to dive deeper than 18 meters.

For your own safety, please be advised:

  1. Not consume alcohol, drugs or medication before dives.
  2. Not conduct decompression dives or dive below 40meters and adhere & follow the 10 Safe Diving practices.
  3. Descend and ascend (when possible) at established mooring buoys at any dive site, especially at Monad Shoal
  4. Familiarize myself with all rental equipment.
  5. Listen to all briefings and follow all instructions from my Divemaster or Instructor.
  6. Never dive alone and if I get separated from my buddy I will ascend after a 1-minute search.
  7. If I don’t hold an Adv. Certification or higher I understand I will not be able to dive at Monad Shoal, Ubang Bato & Dona Marilyn, plus I can’t participate in the wreck and night dives.
  8. I understand that only certified Wreck Divers are allowed to penetrate wrecks.
  9. Wait minimum 12-18 hours before flying or longer.

To protect the marine environment and animals:

  1. Not to wear gloves or to use sticks and reef hooks during dives.
  2. Keep my diving skills updated and fresh.
  3. Not deliberately touch any corals on the reef.
  4. Not damage the reef with my fins or other equipment.
  5. Not hold onto, rest upon, stand or knell on any part of the coral reef.
  6. To minimize the impact on the sharks, divers should remain low, with controlled buoyancy, make no sudden movements and DON’T use camera flashlight.
  7. Not to collect or remove anything underwater, including corals or shells etc. (except rubbish!)
  8. All noise-makers to be kept to a minimum at Monad Shoal
  9. Not go off the edge of Monad Shoal between 5.30am and 7am and 1pm and 3pm.