November 29, 2011

Dive Sites

If you dive with Exotic Dive Resort, you have a great variety of dive destinations to choose from. From the big thresher sharks and mantas, to the small stuff like pygmy seahorses and nudibrachs, from the impressive wall dives of Calanggaman to the gentle slopes of Bugtong Bato, everyone will have their own favourite site.

Here’s what Malapascua has to offer


The top of the shoal ranges from 20 meters to 27 meters, with a sheer drop-off down to 45 meters, and a second drop-off exceeding recreational dive depths. There is a good opportunity to see the famous thresher sharks year round at this site. Thresher sharks are regular visitors at the cleaning stations found on top of the reef. Depending on the season you may also encounter giant manta rays and smaller devil rays. The ideal depth to encounter life is between 22 meters to 27 meters, making Monad Shoal a perfect site for enriched air dives.

We also offer our exclusive PADI Exotic Thresher Shark Diver Specialty course


The perfect sunset dive, this site is almost a sure bet to see the colorful Mandarin Fish perform their mating dance. The most prolific time of the month is around the full moon, but the activity can been seen virtually every night. Blue Ringed Octopus and sea horses of every size can be found on the surrounding reef. Situated directly across from the island’s lighthouse this sloping coral garden is a perfect shallow dive to end the day.


With its strong currents this site creates a perfect habitat for soft corals, which grow in an abundance creating a magical colorful garden. Stunning rock formations and canyons create ideal hiding places for scorpion fish, frogfish and lionfish. Sea horses, nudibranches and flat worms can also been seen nestling within the coral branches. An interesting dive to suit all levels of divers.


Situated off the northern tip of Malapascua this dive site offers a little of everything. Subject to strong currents a luscious soft coral garden thrives here, creating an ideal home for an array of different marine life. A small coral encrusted wall starts at 16 meters and drops down to 24 meters creating shelter for many varieties of nudibranchs, flatworms and lionfish. A great dive for the budding photographer.


Exotic’s own protected area where the fish are plentiful, House Reef is not to be missed. Starting at 5 meters and gently sloping to 13, it’s a great place to work out the kinks after some time out of the water. Amongst the scattered coral and patches of sea grass, a wide variety of fish and macro life can be found. Artificial structures are everywhere, including coral encrusted jeepneys, large concrete and wire structures and a few old boats, creating a unique habitat for soft coral and sea life to flourish. This exclusive one of a kind dive site suits all levels of divers and is a photographer’s dream.

In February 2008 Exotic House Reef received the Environmental Achievement Award issued from Project Aware.


A sea mound situated near the island of Leyte. The reef begins in 10 meters with one side gradually sloping down to 29 meters before becoming a severe drop off and the other side, a wall starting in 10 meters and dropping far below recreational limits. Throughout the year different large pelagics visit the shoal, including schools of hammerheads, manta rays and requiem sharks. For the advanced diver it is possible to arrange a blue dive at certain times of the year to look for the hammerhead sharks.


A small island situated between Malapascua and Cebu, this site is a gentle relaxing dive. The undulating island walls gently taper towards a sandy bottom, elephant ears, barrel sponges, sea fans and soft corals cover the sloping reef creating an ideal habitat for nudibranch, sea horses, spanish dancers and hairy frogfish, a nice gentle dive suitable for all levels of divers and excellent for the budding photographer.


An interesting dive site, proved to be a favorite with photographers and those interested in the small and strange creatures of Malapascua. Beautiful soft corals and sea fans create the perfect environment for the weird and wonderful, a kind of muck dive without the muck! Also a great spot for a night dive site, flamboyant cuttlefish and moray eels can be seen.


A gentle dive site created by a scattering of small island formations, some below the surface some above. The site is prone to strong currents, creating a beautiful soft coral garden. Nudibranches, flatworms, pipefish and sea horses can be found within the soft corals. This is an ideal dive for macro enthusiasts and those who need to refresh their diving skills.


A dive site with a little bit of everything, a gently sloping reef from 8-12mts leads to a small wall dropping to 20mts where once more sloping reef continues to 30mts where a sandy bottom stretches outward. A wide variety of macro life can be found here including sea horses, frog fish and nudibranches; a great photo dive and a must for any level of diver.


Gato Island is a protected marine sanctuary. An almost guaranteed site to encounter sleeping sharks and sea snakes. Spectacular colored soft corals cover this undulating dive site sheltering frogfishes, sea horses and nudibranches. Sleeping white tip sharks rest within crevasses. A paradise for avid photographers, this site offers a great opportunity for both macro and big fishes. Advanced divers can dive the tunnel that runs beneath the island; a unique overhead environment, the inside of which is covered with daisy soft corals and sponges.


Calangaman Island is a small remote white-beached paradise. The southern section offers sloping reef walls covered with soft and hard corals, the northern sites offer spectacular wall dives encrusted with gorgonian fans and giant barrel sponges. Schools of snappers, fusiliers and anthias can be seen congregating off the large drop offs. The deep walls offer every possible chance to encounter large sharks and rays. A great two-dive day trip is the way to enjoy this site.


Situated adjacent to Calanggaman Island, this wall dive offers a little bit of everything. Hard corals and barrel sponges cover the gently sloping top of the reef creating an ideal environment for sea stars, frogfish, nudibranches and reef fish to hide within. The walls drop down to a plateau in 40mts, with a further drop to well below recreational limits.

These are just a few of our dive sites. There are many more offering a wide variety of macro life, stunning walls, soft corals, giant sea fans, table corals and large pelagics. Our dive shop staff will help you choose the dive sites that best suit your skills and wishes and will create a personalized dive schedule for you.