November 29, 2011

Instructor Development Course

Are you fed up of your office job?
Hate the long commute every day?
Save up all year for just two weeks in the sunshine?

Have you ever considered becoming a scuba diving Instructor?…

Here at Exotic Island Dive Resort you can train to become just that. As a PADI Instructor you could trade your office cubicle for the blue ocean, enjoy the sunset as you stroll home from work each evening, and make a career out of transforming people’s lives for the better.

The IDC is made up of two distinct components – the Assistant Instructor (AI) course, and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program.

During the IDC you’ll learn how to apply the PADI System of Education by presenting your own confined water teaching presentations, knowledge development presentations and open water teaching presentations.

You will also attend and participate in a number of curriculum presentations about the dive industry, its business principles, PADI programs and other important topics relevant to your role as an Instructor.

At the end of your Course you will be ready to attend the Instructor Exams (IE) – a two-day event conducted by a PADI Examiner who will assess the same components that you will have practiced during your IDC.

To obtain the Open Water Scuba Instructor rating, you must also be an Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor or a CPR/first aid instructor with another emergency care organization. Our IDC incorporates this two-day EFR Instructor course in its schedule.

After becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor, you will be able to conduct the entire range of PADI programs from Discover Scuba Diving up to Divemaster. After that you may also choose to acquire Specialty Instructor ratings in the popular Specialties such as Digital Underwater Photographer or Enriched Air Diver, giving your more teaching and employment opportunities.

Here at Exotic Dive Resort, our view is that an IDC should not just aim to get you through the IE, but should give you enough real-life tips and expert coaching to fully equip you for life as an Instructor. Our IDCs are 12 days in total and scheduled to end one day before the Instructor Exams (IE).

12 days may be a little longer than some courses offered by other IDC facilities, however it means that our schedule will be more relaxed, giving you more time to prepare your presentations, go for a dive or for us to focus on any individual counseling that may be required.

Highly professional and organized, you will be given a schedule at the outset of your IDC. Our IDCs include workshops in knot-tying , lift bag exercises, CESAs and descents, as well as a 3-day IDC preparation program where you can refresh and polish your dive theory knowledge as well as those demonstration-quality skills.

Our IDC also includes the EFR Instructor course which is a pre-requisite to becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor.

And it doesn’t end there! For everyone who does their IDC with us at Exotic, we offer you a complimentary 2-6 weeks internship where you can work with our experienced Instructors gaining real-world teaching experience.

Our IDCs are conducted by our very experienced Course Director Team:
1. Sander Buis: PADI Course Director & DDI Instructor Trainer since 2013.
2. Joeri van Hal: Platinum PADI Course Director since 2015.
3. Giny Pinto: Platinum PADI Course Director since 2016.

Their dynamic teaching style keeps presentations enjoyable and helps to make your IDC an unforgettable experience.

See below DATES tab for schedules of our IDC programs in 2018.

The Instructor Exam (IE)

Once the IDC has been successfully completed, the Instructor Exam is a 2 day exam conducted by a PADI Instructor Examiner. All of our IDCs have an IE scheduled to take place here on Malapascua one day after the IDC. As the IE will take place in familiar surroundings this will help you to feel at ease during the exams.

In order to pass an Instructor Exam and become qualified as a PADI Open Water Instructor each candidate must successfully complete each component of the IE which includes:

  • 5-part theory exam
  • PADI systems standards and procedures exam
  • 1 knowledge development prescriptive teaching presentation
  • 1 confined water teaching presentation
  • Demonstration quality 5-skill circuit
  • 1 open water teaching presentation with 2 skills
  • Demonstration quality rescue of an unresponsive diver at the surface using pocket mask or mouth to mouth

Malapascua Exotic Island Dive & Beach Resort is the finest hotel as well as the largest and most established dive shop on the island. We boast the following amazing facilities for our IDC Candidates:

  • GoPro Lodge – great value on-site accommodation close to our restaurant, bar and dive shop and secluded beach
  • The largest fleet of dive boats on the island – 4 large outrigger boats and one smaller boat
  • State of the art, air-conditioned classroom with its internet service, dive library and PADI materials for use throughout your IDC.
  • All of the other great resort facilities including our large dive shop (with discounts for IDC candidates), restaurant, bakery etc
High Quality Experience

The PADI Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC) at our dive center will be taught in a small group of students, so you will get a lot of attention from your Course Directors Sander Buis, Joeri van Hal and Giny Pinto and our team of PADI IDC staff instructors.
We offer 6 PADI IDCs in 2018 so you can choose it according to your schedule. And even if your are not a native English speaking person, don’t worry! The course directors are covering English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German. We also have a Chinese speaking PADI IDC Staff Instructor on side!

The Thresher Shark!

Malapascua is reputedly the only place in world where divers can regularly encounter these majestic sharks at recreational diver limits. So by coming to Exotic you can experience something really special.

Unlimited Diving

Yet another great reason to choose Exotic as your IDC destination. As the original dive shop on Malapascua we were the pioneers of the thresher shark encounters and wrote the original Thresher Shark Specialty course that has been endorsed by PADI as a Distinctive Specialty. During your IDC you will be able to dive to the famous thresher shark sites for a chance to see these elusive creatures, as well as other great dive spots.

Our tranquil setting

Our beach, away from the crowds, and with its natural shade and hammocks, will ensure that all our candidates can find the necessary peace and quiet required to be able to focus and enjoy the course. All-night parties and streets of bars are not what you need during your IDC!

Job Opportunities

If you will be looking for work as an Instructor after your IDC, you couldn’t be better placed. There are many up and coming dive locations in the Philippines and you are always just a cheap flight from the world’s dive hot spots of Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia. Plus, the experience that you will have gained during your complimentary 2-6 weeks instructor internship will put you in a better position when it comes to looking for work as well as the confidence when starting out.


Our help doesn’t end once you pass your IE. We will give you help and advice on how to prepare an attention-grabbing CV and on what potential employers are really looking for in an instructor.

Complimentary 2-6 Weeks Instructor Internship

The majority of IDC Centres don’t offer anything like our internship, and the ones that do will expect you to pay extra for it. Team-teaching your first few courses is highly recommended by PADI yet, like it or not, dive centres will commonly expect a new instructor to teach his or her first course alone – a daunting prospect for someone fresh from their IDC. After your IDC here at Exotic you can work alongside our team of instructors gaining valuable experience of teaching the real world.

Being part of the Exotic team will also give you the benefit of witnessing how one of the most successful dive resorts in the Philippines functions. Exotic Dive Resort was the first dive resort to open on Malapascua and continues to be the leading dive resort. Learn from the experts as to what makes a successful business and pick up valuable selling skills as well as practical teaching information and guidance.

If your schedule can’t stretch for the full 2-6 weeks then you can stay for a shorter period if you wish. You can also choose to take some of these 2-6 weeks before your IDC assisting our instructors as a Divemaster. This is particularly useful for those candidates who have had little working experience since qualifying as Divemasters.

At Exotic we want to keep it as simple as possible for you. We understand there are many different options to choose from when considering a place to complete your IDC so we have 4 different pre-arranged Instructor Development packages to suit the needs of the individual. We also understand that not everyone fits nicely into a certain niche, therefore if what you are looking for does not fit into one of these packages, we are able to create a custom made IDC package for you. For more information on our packages contact us at


  • 12 Days IDC with additional in-water workshops on the more tricky skills, including five point descent, controlled emergency swimming ascent, lift bag, hover (Rescue is covered thoroughly)
  • 2 Days EFR Instructor course
  • 3 Days complimentary IDC preparation to refresh water skills and upgrade dive theory knowledge
  • PADI IDC Crewpack, EFRI Materials & PADI Pro Bag – worth over $900!
  • 3 Weeks accommodation in our GoPro Lodge
  • IDC Lunches for 12 days
  • 1 PADI Instructor Speciality Course (Aware Shark Conservation)
  • Unlimited fun dives before and during IDC in your free time- subject to boat space and dive schedule
  • All Malapascua Marine Fees
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Extra IDC Workshops “step by step how to teach and set up skills for teaching”
  • PADI Pro Workshop
  • Instructor Preparation videos
  • CV Workshop
  • Free Employment Advice & Support!
  • Exotic IDC Welcome Pack ☺ to better facilitates your course – logbook, notebook, pen, pencil, highlighter, tie wraps.
  • Exotic T-Shirts (x2) – with your name printed!
  • Exotic IDC Polo shirt – with your name printed!
  • Exotic Wooden Shark
  • Project AWARE Mask Strap
  • Free tanks, weights and belt during IDC
  • Free tea and coffee at the dive centre
  • 10% discount in our restaurant
  • 15% discount in our dive equipment store
  • PADI fees (are paid directly to PADI, detailed below)
    • EFR Instructor Application Fee (AU$ 177)
    • PADI Instructor Application Fee (AU$ 257)
    • PADI Instructor Examination Fee (AU$ 890)
    • PADI Specialty Instructor Application Fee (AU$101/Specialty)
  • Accommodation after three weeks
  • Restaurant drinks and food (12 IDC Lunches included)
  • Transport to, accommodation & food at IE venue, in unlikely event on Cebu, rather than Malapascua
  • Equipment Rental


  • Everything included in the IDC Bronze package plus the following upgrades:
  • 2 Weeks internship “Learn to teach” (no minimum certs. guaranteed)
  • 2 PADI Instructor Speciality Courses (Enriched Air Nitrox and Emergency Oxygen Provider)
  • As per IDC Bronze package
  • Student level 40 per cent. Nitrox certification (PADI will not process without student level Nitrox)


  • Everything included in the IDC Bronze & Silver packages plus the following upgrades:
  • 4 Weeks internship “Learn to Teach” (no minimum certs. guaranteed)
  • MSDT Prep course including 3 ADDITIONAL PADI Instructor Specialty Courses of your choice (total of 6 Instructor Specs!)
  • Compressor Use and Tank Filling seminar
  • As per IDC Bronze & Silver packages
  • Student level specialty certifications

IDC Platinum

  • Everything included in the IDC Bronze, Silver & Gold packages plus the following upgrades:
  • 6 Weeks internship “Learn to Teach” (no minimum certs. guaranteed)
  • MSDT Prep with 4 Extra PADI Instructor Specialty Courses of your choice (total of 10 Instructor Specs!)
  • Return Airport transfer from Cebu Airport/Malapascua
  • Equipment rental
  • As per IDC Bronze, Silver & Gold packages
  • Student level specialty certifications

Here are our PADI GoPro Courses Dates 2018

IDC PADI Instructor Course PADI IE MSDT Prep PADI IDC Staff Course
7th – 18th February 19th – 20th February 22nd – 23rd February 5th – 6th February
5th – 16th April 17th – 18th April 20th – 21st April 3rd – 4th April
24th May – 4th June 5th – 6th June 8th – 9th June 22nd – 23rd May
29th July – 9th August 10th – 11th August 13th – 14th August 27th – 28th July
27th September – 8th October 9th – 10th October 12th – 13th October 25th – 26th September
23rd November – 4th December 5th – 6th December 8th – 9th December 21st – 22nd November

* All IEs are scheduled to take place on Malapascua, subject to minimum numbers of candidates

What else I should know before starting my IDC?
Important! – Medical Statement

You need to have a current medical certificate completed by a doctor, confirming that you are fit for diving, in order to start the IDC and to attend the IE, As there is no resident doctor on the island, we would strongly recommend that you obtain this before you come and e-mail it to us for verification (Download the form in English here and for other languages please contact us at It must be completed no more than 12 months prior to the final day of your IE or PADI will not allow you to participate in the water sessions.

Prerequisite certifications

We would be grateful if you would please e-mail us copies of both sides of all your non-PADI certifications as this is required by PADI to process your applications. Please also let us have your full name and date of birth so we can verify any PADI qualifications online. For your Instructor Applications:

  • Initial card, e.g. Open Water (must be at least six months’ old);
  • Second, e.g. Advanced Adventurer;
  • Rescue, e.g. Stress & Rescue;
  • Primary Care (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation—CPR) & Secondary Care (First Aid) within 24 months, e.g. EFR;
  • Leadership level, e.g. Divemaster; and
  • 40 per cent. Enriched Air Nitrox.
Dive Theory Exams

The IE has a Dive Theory Exams segment. The entire curriculum for this used to be covered on the Divemaster course. However, this has been slimmed down relatively recently and no longer suffices. The preferred resource for you to prepare with before your arrival is PADI’s Diving Knowledge Workbook. This contains a chapter for each topic, being Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Skills & the Environment and Decompression Theory & the PADI Recreational Dive Planner (RDP). Each chapter consists of questions with worked answers. PADI’s Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving is excellent to dip into for further information and is shipped with the PADI Divemaster Crew-pak. You must possess an original RDP table and electronic multilevel eRDPml, together with both Instructions for Use booklets, which again contain worked examples.

If you have a learning disability and have a letter documenting this from your doctor (or psychologist), then you will be allowed 50 per cent. extra time to complete your written exams.

If you took the new curriculum or maybe it was a long time since you took the old Divemaster course, we can give you some tips and suggestions to enable you to study and get your theory in shape before the IDC. Just let us know.


Please bring some passport photos with you (no hat, dark glasses or SCUBA mask and not underwater).

You will need a laptop/tablet/smartphone to read digital versions of the PADI Instructor Manual and PADI’s Guide to Teaching, which are necessary for the PADI Systems, Standards and Procedures Examination–one of your IE segments.

Please also bring your log book to show that you have done at least 100 dives as this is also a prerequisite.


PADI requires you to have the following additional equipment: pocket mask; snorkel; whistle; compass; dive knife; Surface Marker Buoy; and timing device with seconds displayed as some skills are precisely 30 or 60 seconds (a dive computer is OK only if one can see seconds in dive mode or if dive mode can be disabled, otherwise a cheap waterproof watch is fine). You may wish to bring your own dive lights as night dives are available almost every day, otherwise you can rent for PHP 280php/dive.

If you do not want to bring your equipment, you can rent this from us.:
  • BCD, regulators, wetsuit, mask, snorkel, booties and fins.


Then you can sign up for our MSDT Preparation Program to really get a head start in finding employment. Click here for more information.

For more information on our Exotic Island PADI IDC Program, packages and prices, contact us at