November 30, 2011

Presidential Visit

The President visits Exotic Dive Resort

Her Excellency President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was in the Visayan Region this month as part of her tourism tour of the Philippines.

She visited Cebu City to open the much awaited northern bridge. A huge billion peso endeavor that has been underway since early 2008. The new bridge is the link to the North; it extends from the central post office region near Colon and essentially bypasses all of Mandaue cutting an hour of the car journey to Maya.

As part of her Visayan tour she decided to visit the new tourist hot spot of Malapascua and to dive with the famous thresher shark. And her first choice was to stay and dive with Exotic Dive Resort!

The restaurant hosted a special sit down meal for the President and 70 other politicians including Tourism Secretary Ace Durano; Region VII Tourism Director Maria Rica Bueno; Congressman Benhur Salimbangon; Mayor Sun Shimura; Vice Mayor Malou Loot; Senior Superintendent Vicente Loot and Mayoral Candidate Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung; Barangay Captain Rex Novabos.

The evening she arrived, the beach was full with local children, families and tourists all hoping for a glimpse of The President, and she did not disappoint. Not only did she slowly disembark from Exotic 3, the boat that bought her over from Maya, but she stopped to shake hands and say a few welcoming words to the locals. The screams of delight could be heard from Maya and the evening meal was a huge success.

The pressure was on Exotic dive the following morning, as she chose to dive with us to hopefully have an encounter with the famous Thresher Sharks. The sharks can be seen utilizing the cleaning stations found at Monad Shoal, which is a sunken island approximately 45 minutes from Exotic Resort.

The early morning dive took place at 5am with divemasters Paul and Toto and instructor Tim escorting the president on her dive. The pressure was intense and thankfully the sharks co-operated. The President had a great encounter and saw 3 different sharks, much to her delight and that of the dive shop!

Overall a huge success and she left with a big smile!!